August 13th 1961 - Beginning of the construction of Berlin Wall


August 13th 1961 – Through the construction of the Berlin Wall by East German Brigade groups and border police, the division of Germany is carried out by force. The measure was done on the orders of Walter Ulbricht, who intended to prevent the exodus of East Germans to the West through the construction of the so-called "anti-fascist protective wall". The methods used, included the infamous “shoot to kill order” issued to East German border guards, which many fugitives fell victim to, between the years 1961 through 1989. For many people in Germany August the 13th 1961 is a day not soon to be forgotten. By blocking the crossings between East and West Berlin, and finally sealing off the GDR from the Federal Republic of Germany, families were torn apart and relationships destroyed. The erection of the Wall as a phenomenon of the Cold War is unique in the post-war history. This measure was not applied in any other country within the Soviet area of control.

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