September 28th 1969 - First social-liberal government of the Federal Republic of Germany


September 28th 1969: The election of the sixth German parliament paves the way for the first social-liberal coalition in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Social Democrat Willy Brandt becomes Chancellor and governs with the FDP chairman Walter Scheel as foreign minister. Brandts reign brought major changes in domestic and foreign policy. Especially in the area of Germany's policy toward the East a new course was taken. Thus in 1970 Brandt had a meeting with GDR Prime Minister Willi Stoph which for the first time included all of Germany. In Moscow he signed an agreement to improve cooperation between the Soviet Union and the Federal Republic and he recognized the existing borders of Poland and the GDR. In Warsaw he confirmed the agreement with an additional contract and commemorated the victims of the Warsaw ghetto by famously falling to his knees. After Brandt's resignation the socialist-liberal coalition was continued by Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

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