November 9th 1938 - "Kristallnacht"


November 9th 1938: The day of the so-called “Kristallnacht”, the night of broken glass. Germany s largest mass pogrom organized by the Nazis . The beginning was marked by the assassination of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by the 17 year old Jewish boy Herschel Grünspan on November 6th 1938 in Paris. The transfer of the body shown here was greatly exaggerated for propaganda purposes in the newsreel. The fact that the assassin was one of the 17.000 Polish Jews in Germany who were to be deported from the Reichwas kept secret. Grünspan acted out of desperation. For the Nazis on the other hand it was a welcomed opportunity to put their ideology of Sub-humanism into action. The result: Thousands of businesses and homes were destroyed thousands of fellow Jewish citizens abused and arrested. Added to this was the destruction of synagogues which throughout the entire territory of the Reich were burned or blown up in the days following the Kristallnacht.

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