January 27th 1859 - Kaiser Wilhelm II is born


January 27th 1859: Kaiser Wilhelm II is born. He is one of the most controversial figures of Germany’s modern history. Not only his own authoritative domestic political course, which led to Bismarcks resignation but also his foreign policy which brought Russia to side with France and Britain paved the way to World War I. However to see the Emperor as the sole cause of the war does not reflect the complexity of preceding events. Britain's distrust of German naval construction plans also contributed to the disaster as much as the Tsar perceiving the loyalty to his alliance with Serbia after the assassination in Sarajevo as binding. William had not wanted the war at best he supported it. That he had the intention to achieve positive things for his country showed among other things through the social reforms he had carried out before 1914 and with the rise in business science and culture. With the war these achievements were shattered. The cease-fire in November of 1918 was also the end of the German Empire. The Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm the 2nd had abdicated and fled to Holland into exile.

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