April 19th 1943 - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


The Warsaw Ghetto; symbol of misery and extermination, but also a symbol of the Jewish resistance against Hitler. On April 19th 1943 an uprising erupted here which the SS was only able to quell with great difficulty. It was an uneven battle, well-equipped soldiers on the one hand and on the other hand, starving, sick and emaciated people who did not want to be led to their slaughter. The Warsaw Ghetto was established in April of 1940. Subsequently it had to hold many people the Nazis later deported to death camps. Just from July until October of 1942 over 300,000 residents were transported to Treblinka, among them many children. When in 1943 the remaining 40,000 residents were to be deported, the Jewish underground organization called for resistance. Not without effect. The Germans needed 4 weeks to crush the rebellion. The responsible SS brigade leader announced the execution of his order in May of 1943 with the following words: "There is no Jewish quarter in Warsaw anymore."

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