May 24th 1913 - Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia


May 24th 1913: Wedding of Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia to Duke Ernst August of Brunswick-Lüneburg in Berlin. A memorable event. The marriage of the only daughter of Germanys Emperor Wilhelm II brought together the crowned heads of Europe including King George V of England and Czar Nicholas II of Russia one final time before the outbreak of World War I. For the emperor the marriage was primarily a media spectacle. He used the ceremony to document the power and wealth of his house. William celebrated its 25-year jubilee in 1913. This event was to be triumphed by the marriage of his daughter to a prince of the house of Welf and impressively reflect the unity of Germany beneath the imperial crown . The spectacle shown here was captured by three cameras. Hardly anyone present at this event would have been able to fathom how fast this peace would be a thing of the past. A year later Germany was at war a war that would also sweep the Hohenzollern and the other dynasties including those of the Welfs from the throne.

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