June 17th 1953 - Popular uprising in the GDR


June 17th 1953: Hardly any other event has shaped Inter-German post-war history as much as this day. Popular uprisings broke out at more than 400 sites in the GDR. The cause was a supply crisis triggered by Ulbrichts policies while simultaneously the labor norms were increased. Violent protests broke out particularly in East Berlin. Initially it was the criticism of the increased labor norms that dominated the protest but soon people were loudly calling for free elections for reunification and the removal of the SED elite. The regime responded in its own way. It called the Soviet occupying power to help who declared a state of emergency in numerous cities. The insurgents in turn responded with the abuse of officials loyal to the regime. When Soviet tanks intervened the situation escalated. The uprising was brutally put down. More than 200 people were killed many were arrested. The 17th of June 1953 was the first mass uprising in an area under Soviet control after World War II. Until 1990 it was a public holiday in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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