June 21st 1948 - Introduction of the Deutschmark (in the western zones of occupation)


June 21st 1948 - In the three Western occupation zones of Germany the Deutschmark is introduced as the new currency. It replaced the old Reichsmark, while each citizen was able to exchange a total of 40 Reichsmark for Deutschmark at the rate of 1:1. The currency reform was one of the results of the law of the "reorganization of the German monetary system" passed by the Allies on June 19th. It brought black market and bartering to an end and enabled people the return to a normal life. On June 23rd a currency reform was also arranged in the Eastern Zone and in Berlin. As the Western Allies in Berlin refused to participate, and introduced the Deutsch Mark in their sectors instead, the administration of the Soviet Army imposed a blockade on the city.

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