June 22nd 1941 - Invasion of the Soviet Union


June 22nd, 1941: Without a declaration of war Hitlers Wehrmacht invades the Soviet Union. It is Nazi Germany's largest campaign of World War which began with over 3 million German soldiers and their allies Romania Hungary Italy and Finland. It is also a war of ideologies. Hitler saw the Russians not as military enemies but as sub-human. His perception of "Jewish Bolshevism" led to countless massacres of civilians public officials and partisans and finally concluded in the mass extinction of POW's and the devastation of whole cities and regions. But the attack on the Soviet Union referred to by the Nazis as "Operation Barbarossa" became their undoing. Hitler failed to realize his plans of conquest. His he was rudely awakened from his dream of the “Habitat in the East” by the disaster of Stalingrad during the winter of 1942/ 43. On the Eastern Front more than 2 million German soldiers lost their lives until the end of the war facing an estimated 20 million victims on the Soviet side.

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