June 28th 1919 - Signing of the Treaty of Versailles


June 28th 1919: The victorious powers of World War I gather in France to sign a treaty which will go down in history – The Treaty of Versailles. It officially marks the end of the state of war with the German Empire. But peace came with conditions, conditions which Germany was only able to meet with great difficulty. The victors demanded reparations and compensations for the damages the German side had caused during World War I. Additionally there were economic sanctions, a drastic reduction and disarmament of the armed forces, seizures of private German assets abroad and extensive territorial concessions. The German delegations attempted in vain to ease the conditions of the peace-agreement, and denied sole responsibility for the war. The “Big Four”, Great Britain, France, Italy and the US however insisted upon its fulfillment. The treaty of Versailles did not remain without consequences. In Germany the signing was viewed as a humiliation and strengthened right-wing parties as well as benefited the rise of Adolph Hitler.

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