February 1st 1933 - Dissolution of the Reichstag


On February 1st 1933 president of the Reich Paul von Hindenburg, at Hitlers request dissolves the German Reichstag. Two days earlier on January 30th the old general had appointed the former corporal as chancellor. Omens of the looming dictatorship overshadow the Reichstag election campaign of 1933. The NSDAP severely intimidate their political opponents in Prussia the SA and SS are appointed by Interior Minister Hermann Goering as auxiliary police. Via an emergency decree freedom of assembly and press are further restricted. After the Reichstag fire for which the NSDAP blames the communists terror and persecution break out openly. While "Der Vorwärts" (The Forward) the party newspaper of the SPD is prohibited the Nazis use radio as a deliberate propaganda tool. The onset of terror and mass persuasion show results: In the Reichstag elections the NSDAP achieved 44.5% of the votes. A short while later the Nazis celebrate the inaugural session of the Reichstag the Day of Potsdam as a symbol of the connection of the "old and new Germany ' while the first concentration camp is set up in Dachau.

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