May 2nd1969 - Franz von Papen dies


Franz von Papen died on May 2nd 1969. In 1925 von Papen, against the will of his party, the “Center”, supports the election of Paul von Hindenburg as German President. In 1932 Hindenburg at the efforts of General Kurt von Schleicher, appoints the right wing, monarchy-minded politician as Chancellor. Against the will of his party, from which he withdraws his membership he creates a government that is tolerated by the German nationalists and rules by emergency decrees. Out of the Reichstag election of 1932 the NSDAP emerges as the strongest Party. Papens proposal to join his cabinet as Vice-Chancellor is rejected by Hitler. By September of 1932 von Papen's cabinet is at its end. It is followed by the Schleicher government which in turn is overthrown in January of 1933 largely at due to von Papen. He holds talks with Hitler finally agrees to the formation of a cabinet in which Hitler will be Chancellor and he Vice-Chancellor. His attempt to integrate the National Socialists into the Cabinet which is supported by majority by the German Nationals fails. At the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal in 1946 he has to face the accusation of having acted as Hitler's "lapdog" and to have helped the Nazi Party to power. Franz von Papen was acquitted at Nuremberg but a little later during the “de-nazification procedures” sentenced to eight years in a labor camp .

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