March 3rd 1918 - The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk


On March 3rd 1918 Soviet Russia and the "Central Powers" (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey) signed a separate peace treaty, the Brest-Litovsk treaty. After the revolution, on November 8th 1917 the Soviet government around Lenin offered peace negotiations to the "Central Powers. While the German Reich raised far-reaching demands during the talks stall and delay tactics were used by the Bolshevik politician Leon Trotsky. On February 1918 German troops began a military offensive and occupied the western regions of the Russian Empire. Lenin saw the Soviet state at risk. He decided to give into the demands of the Germans. The peace agreement stipulated the formation of German controlled satellite states from the Ukraine to the Baltic. Russia was to be pushed back far to the east. It would have lost more than half of its industrial facilities and nearly a third of its population. The Treaty of Versailles rendered the peace treaty of Brest-Litovsk invalid.

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