February 20th 1933 - Meeting between Hitler and representatives of heavy industry


On February 20th 1933 Hermann Goering invites 24 leading industrialists to a meeting with Adolf Hitler at the Reichstag Presidents palace. Hitler promised the business leaders a strong state without socialistic experiments the dissolution of trade unions and an end to the "party strife." Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach the industry's spokesman denounces the distance very clearly he had previously kept to the Nazi Party Hitler thanked him for his speech and makes it know how much he is looking forward to the "politically strong independent state" in which trade and industry could finally flourish again. As a result of the meeting the industrialists have to contribute a total sum of three million dollars to the campaign funds of the National Socialists - a devil's bargain between heavy industry and the Hitler regime was struck. Hitler later also thanked Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach for his support. In 1940 during a ceremony on Krupp's his 70th Birthday Hitler appoints Krupp as the " Pioneer of Labor".

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