February 19th 1936 - Max Schreck dies


The 19th of February 1936 is the anniversary of the death of actor Max Schreck. In 1922 the role of the vampire Count Orlok in the silent Film "Nosferatu - Symphony of Horror" made him famous overnight. Rumors and legends surround the Nosferatu performer. (He becomes a household name. During the shooting of the film by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau in 1921, the actor playing the vampire dressed in costume and mask spreads fear and terror on the set.) Some even believe that Schreck is able to portray the bloodsucker so brilliantly because he himself was indeed a vampire. The claim that Murnaus "Nosferatu" was Schreck's only film is incorrect. The great stage and film actor starred in 50 films and was seen in a total of 725 roles mainly on the stage.

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