February 17th 1968 - The International-Vietnam Congress


On February 17th 1968 the International Vietnam Congress begins in West Berlin, while U.S. bombs are being dropped over Vietnam. It lasts two days, during which the Socialist German Student League (SDS) protests against the U.S. military presence in Vietnam. The Congress will create momentum for more demonstrations and campaigns of the student movement, which more and more evolve into a revolt. For the so-called “generation of 68” the solidarity with the Vietnamese people against the alleged aggressor USA will become the trigger of a comprehensive search for meaning, for protests against - as noted by the philosopher Ernst Bloch – a "content-free life”, for the "revolt against the apparatus of the parties, trade unions, corporations and governments, whose mechanisms of power can not be influenced or even understood.” " The rebellious students want to counter this rule of bureaucracy - as student leader Rudi Dutschke put it - with a world without war, hunger and repressive labor." Thus, the Vietnam protest, turned into a fundamental debate on the modernization of the entire society.

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