February 12th 1947 - Creation of the FDJ newspaper Junge Welt (Young World)


On February 12th 1947 "Junge Welt" (“Young World”) the newspaper of the Free German Youth is established in the Soviet occupation zone. Precursor was the "Illustrated Journal of the Young Generation" which is first published in 1946 and merges into the FDJ newspaper Junge Welt after the founding of the GDR in 1949. First the “Young World” is published as a weekly. As of March 1950 it becomes a daily and is published six times a week. As of November 12th 1947, it served press organ of the Central Council of the FDJ, the “Free German Youth”. The FDJ becomes a communist mass organization in the GDR, whose membership young people can hardly escape from, as long as they want to do well in school, career and college and be a well-integrated member of society in the GDR. The main purpose of the “Young World” is to exert a state-conformist influence on the youth and to promote the communist education of the younger generation. The “Young World” become the largest circulated newspaper, with a daily circulation of 1.4 million copies, ahead even of the SED paper "Neues Deutschland” (“New Germany").

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