November 9th 1944 - Goebbels speech before the Volkssturm in Berlin


November 9th 1944: At Wilhelmplatz in Berlin the propaganda minister of the Reich Joseph Goebbels addresses members of the Volkssturm. Goebbels, appointed by Hitler in July 1944 as the "Reichs commissioner for Total War" used the occasion to call the male populations worn down by the bombing campaigns and defeat to fierce resistance. He did not shy away from calling teenagers to action which where to take over the defense of the Reich along with veterans of the First World War and later even men who were declared unfit for combat. Between January and April of 1945 Volkssturm battalions were primarily used at the Oder river or to defend against the Russian offensive. Due to their lack of training and proper arms their casualty rate was accordingly high: over 170000 members of the so- called “Volkssturm” reported as fallen or missing.

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