October 18th 1944 - Funeral of Erwin Rommel


October 18th 1944: In an act of state, General Field Marshal Erwin Rommel is laid to rest in Ulm, Germany.. Rommel, one of the most important German generals of World War II, known primarily for his achievements in Africa, had contacts to the German resistance of the “20th of July”, who plotted to kill Hitler, and as commander in chief in the West sharply criticized Hitlers war. Forced to commit suicide by the Nazi leadership after receiving an injury at the front his death was disguised as an act of heroism by the weekly newsreel. The eulogy of Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt turned out accordingly who in Hitler's name paid his last respects to the "Myth of Rommel". It was a powerful spectacle for Goebbels' propaganda but for the relatives of the Field Marshal his death was a tragedy and his solemn funeral a deep humiliation as well as a disguise of the truth.

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