March 13th 1920 - Kapp Putsch


March 13th 1920: The so-called Kapp Putsch brakes out in Berlin. Cause was the dissolution of the volunteer corp organizations by the government and the replacement of the commander of the army in Berlin, General Freiherr Walther van Liittwitzm who was protesting against this measure. The coup was a crucial test for the young republic. While right-wing military were preparing for a takeover of power under Lüttwitz guidance and proclaimed the East Prussian countryside Director General Wolfgang Kapp as the new chancellor the Ebert's government called for a general strike. With success. Last but not least the coup attempt collapsed due to the disunity among the insurgents. The Republic appeared saved.

Länge: 00:00:55 | O-Ton: nein | Farbe: s/w | Jahr: 1920 | Clip-ID: JHT000115E


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