March 22nd 1920 - Gustav Noske resigns


On March 22nd 1920 Gustav Noske resigned. The social-democratic politician was the first defense minister of the Weimar Republic. As a Social Democrat Noske becomes known as a "maverick", even before the First World War. He advocates an active colonial policy and is an expert in military and naval questions. So in 1918 he is sent to Kiel as a negotiator by the government in Berlin to resolve the “sailors revolt”. In January of 1919 he puts down the Spartacus uprising violently with the help of the volunteer corps, in order to save the Republic. Henceforth, he is known amongst the radical leftist labor movement as a "bloodhound" and "a traitor of the workers. At the end of February 1920 Defense Minister Noske dissolves the Marine Brigades “Ehrhardt” and ”Loewenfeld”. But volunteer corps and the right-wing Reichswehr soldiers surrounding General Walther von Lüttwitz occupy the government district and appoint as chancellor of the Reich Wolfgang Kapp a German Nationalist. Then the unions declare a general strike. The attempted coup collapses within days. On March 17th 1920 Kapp resigns and flees to Sweden. Noske also declares his resignation shortly thereafter. With that he fulfills one of the conditions of the trade unions to end their general strike.

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