9. May 1959 - Foundation stone laid for the Memorial Church


Largely destroyed by a bomb attack in 1943, the church ruin at Breitscheidplatz, was popularly known in the postwar years as "Hollow Tooth", a symbol of the city of Berlin, risen from the ruins. In March of 1957 the architect Egon Eiermann won an open competition with his design, which proposed the complete demolition of the church ruin and provided for a completely new building. The question of what to do with the remains led to a serious public debate and ended with a compromise. The approximately 68 meter high body of the tower remained as a war memorial, and received an addition in the form of a four-piece ensemble of buildings. This includes the octagonal nave, the hexagonal tower, the square and the chapel foyer. May 9th 1959 was the laying of the foundation stone of the "Memorial Church". After almost four years of construction, the church was to be inaugurated on December 17th 1961.

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