March 27th 1940 - Eestablishment of the Auschwitz concentration camp


On March 27th 1940 Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsleader of the SS, orders the construction of concentration camp Auschwitz, which to this day is a symbol and memorial to the racial madness of the Nazis. Initially predominantly political prisoners from Poland were held here. In 1941 Himmler orders to build a new camp. Auschwitz Birkenau. It becomes the actual death camp. Located there are the gas chambers and the crematoria to burn the dead. Finally, a third camp is built, there mainly young men, but also many women, are forced to do hard factory work. More than 1.3 million people, mainly Jews from all over Europe, are brought to Auschwitz. More than 900,000 are murdered by the Nazis in the gas chambers. More than 200,000 prisoners eventually die from the effects of forced labor, starvation, and disastrous sanitary conditions, abuse or during barbaric medical experiments.

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