May 14th 1948 - Creation of the State of Israel


On May 14th 1949: Ben Gurion announces the State of Israel at the City Museum Tel Aviv. Thus, the Zionist vision of Jewish intellectuals, led by Theodor Herzl, to give the Jewish people a "homeland", becomes true. A homeland in which Jews, especially after the devastating experiences of the Holocaust, the persecution, expulsion and extermination through the Nazis, can live together in the "land of their fathers ", live a self-determined life and determine their Jewish identity anew in a modern society. The Arab states and the Palestinian national movement however regarded the creation of Israel as grounds for war. On the from the 14th of May to the 15th in 1948 the armies of Egypt and other Arab states march into Palestine, to reverse the proclamation of the Jewish state. The first Middle- Eastern war ends in January of 1949 with the military victory of Israel, last but not least thanks to extensive arms shipments from Czechoslovakia as well as financial support from the U.S. and other countries.

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