April 23rd 1976 - The Palace of the Republic is inaugurated


On April 23rd 1976: The Palace of the Republic at the Schlossplatz, then Marx-Engels-Platz, in Berlin is inaugurated. The building becomes a symbol of the GDR. It was erected from1973 to 1976, on the site where the city palace of the Prussian kings had stood until it was destroyed during the war. In 1950, the ruins of the palace were blown up for ideological reasons. In 1973 the Council of Ministers of the GDR decides the construction of the Palace of the Republic. The Palace of the Republic is not only the seat of the SED-dominated Peoples Parliament and later the venue of the first freely elected democratic parliament of 1990 but it also accommodates many restaurants and cafes a theater and a bowling alley until it's closure. Culture and politics the people and the state were supposed to come together in this building. Role models were the 19th Century concept of the Schinkel house as well as the social democratic tradition of the "people's houses." But for critics like the poet Palace Durs Grünbein the building was always "the epitome of the stuffy culture of pretense." In 2006 the German Bundestag decided to demolish the Palace of the Republic.

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