May 23rd 1949 - Promulgation of Germanys Basic Law


On May 23rd 1949: Germanys Basic Law is ceremonially announced and signed in Bonn. The ceremony is preceded by months-long deliberations in the Parliamentary Council. In July of 1948 the Prime Minister of the western German states had decided to establish a provisional order with the Federal Republic of Germany instead of a regular state as to not further deepen the German separation. They avoided the term "constitution" and ordered a Parliamentary Council to draw up a "basic law". The mistakes of the Weimar Constitution and the experience with the "Third Reich" shaped the debates of the Parliamentary Council whose president was Konrad Adenauer of the CDU. Carlo Schmidt of the SPD and Chairman of the Board plays a decisive role in the drafting of the Basic Law. Even Theodor Heuss of the FDP who later becomes Federal President is part of the commission. In addition to the parties of the CDU / CSU SPD and FDP the German party the Communist Party and the party Das Zentrum are participating in the discussions with 2 delegates each.

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