June 25th 1950 -Start of the Korean War


On June 25th 1950: U.S. President Harry S. Truman decides to intervene in the Korean War, which began the same morning with the entry of North Korean troops into South Korea. The armed forces of the U.S. were to protect South Korea against the Communist invasion from the north. But the U.S. Armys is not prepared militarily for the surprise attack. Instead of proxy wars such as in Korea U.S. military strategists had expected a direct confrontation with the Soviet Union in a doubtful case with nuclear weapons and had reduced ground forces to nearly half a million men. The United States therefore seek to resolve the conflict through the UN. Supported by 18 UN member states the U.S. Troops under the command of General McArthur push the enemy back across the 38th degree of latitude. When the troops of the "United Nations" reached the North Korean-Chinese border river Yalu Chinese voluntary corps intervene on the part of North Korea. Because McArthur now calls for the extension of the conflict into China and even the use of nuclear weapons he is dismissed by President Truman. The UN wanted to prevent the invocation of a world war under any circumstance.. After much trench warfare along the 38th degree of Latitude a ceasefire agreement between North and South Korea was concluded in 1953. It manifests the division of the country into two utterly devastated by the war parts which have remained separate to this day.

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