June 9th 1884 - Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Reichstag


On June 9th 1884 Kaiser Wilhelm I lays the foundation stone for the German Reichstag. The building is a symbol of German history. Here, in 1914, the war loans are approved and World War I supported; in 1918 Philipp Scheidemann announces the democratic republic, in 1933 its in its ruins just as the burned down Reichstag. In 1948 in front of its ruin the Governing Mayor of Berlin Ernst Reuter advocates perseverance to the people of Berlin the city on the front-line of the early Cold War. Later the building will be renovated and completely refurbished. The building of the dome by Sir Norman Foster picks up on the idea of the Reichstag dome from the 19th Century designed by architect Paul Wallot. "Today it is a symbol of democracy of the division and reunification and one of the most attractive Parliament buildings in the world" said parliamentary president Wolfgang Thierse in 1999 at the reopening of the Reichstag.

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