August 2nd 1934 – Paul von Hindenburg dies


Paul von Hindenburg dies on August 2nd 1934. In 1925, the conservative veteran of World War I, who in 1919 still propagates the myth of a "dagger blow" into the armys back committed by the Left and Democrats as a reason for the defeat of Germany is elected by a large majority to the office of German President. Re-elected in 1932 he paves the way for Hitler's rise to power in order to weaken the influence of the Nazis through integration into political responsibility. Hindenburg's calculations do not add up. The Nazis undermine his presidential democracy which acts per emergency decrees from the inside. After Hindenburg's death Hitler's wealth of power is complete. He assumes the office of the German head of state and he calls himself "Führer and Reich Chancellor". The soldiers now pledge their allegiance directly to Hitler not the Constitution. In a ceremony at the Tannenberg monument in Hohenstein in East Prussia the Nazis celebrate Hindenburg's funeral as a solemn German-nationalistic spectacle alluding to Hindenburg's actions as commander in chief and as High Command of the German troops in the 1st World War.

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