May 10th 1933: Book burning at the Berlin Opernplatz


May 10th 1933: Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels delivers a speech in regards to the book burning at Berlins Opernplatz (Opera Square). It is the start of the exclusion in Germany of Jews the opposition and writers although even works which were entirely non-political and those of deceased authors were thrown into the flames. Others affected were the brothers Thomas and Heinrich Mann Sigmund Freud Carl von Ossietzky and Bertold Brecht but also the children's author Erich Kästner and the poet Heinrich Heine. Goebbels' call to ban all that was “overtly intellectual” from German cultural life was put into action by SA men and corps-students under the gaze of curios onlookers. The slogan "Against the Un-German spirit" meant more than just an orgy of violence surrounding a burning stake. It resulted for the victims in employment bans a complete removal of their works from all public libraries and drove a large portion of them into Emigration.

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