June 15th 1888 - Accession to the throne of Kaiser Wilhelm II


June 15th 1888: Kaiser Wilhelm II ascends the throne in Germany. William, seen here in shots from later times, had lost his father and grandfather the same year and inherited a troubled legacy. His confident, autocratic style of government created conflict with the Chancellor Otto von Bismarck,, among other things, but also led to discords on international levels. By steering away from the Russian-friendly course of his predecessor and competing against England and France in colonial and naval policies, he isolated the empire and prevented a future-oriented policy of alliances. The dismissal of Bismarck, the "Reichs founder" in 1890 was also seen as a serious error by his opponents as were his politics of retribution during the Chinese Boxer uprising and his position in the two Moroccan crises. Nevertheless William II contributed much to the development of art culture and science in Germany. The economical and industrial upturn which both take place simultaneously under his patronage were completely destroyed during the First World War.

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