May 31st 1916 - Beginning of the Battle of Jutland


31. May 1916: With the start of the Battle of Jutland between the German Navy and the British Royal Navy, the greatest naval battle of World War I began. It would also be the last battle of the Imperial capital ships, which ended in a standoff despite considerably higher losses on the British side. The Germans lost five cruisers, a battleship and several torpedo boats along with a total of about 2,500 men. The British had to mourn the loss of three great battle cruisers, three armored cruisers and several destroyers along with over 6,000 men. Despite this success celebrated by the German propaganda, the British supremacy at sea could not be breached. The decisive battle in the English Channel, planned by the German side in autumn of 1918, did not take place due to a mutiny by German sailors.

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