December 1st 1973 - Ben Gurion dies


On December 1st 1973: David Ben Gurion dies. He was the first Prime Minister of Israel. For 15 years he guided the young Jewish state. Already at age 17, Ben Gurion had joined the Zionist labor movement. During World War II, he went to New York and fought for many years to help as many Jews as possible to emigrate to Palestine. In 1948 he had achieved his political goal: at the Museum of Tel Aviv, he proclaimed the state of Israel, which immediately had to assert itself in a bloody independence war against its Arab neighbors. In 1949 Ben Gurion becomes Prime Minister, he ends the war victoriously and from now on stands up all over the world for the recognition of an independent Jewish state. This also means that Ben Gurion seeks the reconciliation between the Federal Republic of Germany and Israel, with which he creates himself many enemies at home. But steadfastly he continues to follow his politics as he does in his own country, where he drives the development of a modern, Western-style industrial nation forward.

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