December 21st 1958 - De Gaulle becomes President of France


On December 21st 1958, Charles de Gaulle, with 75 percent of the vote, becomes the first President of the 5th Republic of France. Due to the constitutional reform on the way to the 5th Republic, the powers of the president have grown, the Parliaments rights however were now limited. The veteran of the 2nd World War enjoys a high reputation and authority in his country. He is able to end the Algerian crisis in 1962 without France losing face. In the circle of the Western allies he is a recognized although due to his stubbornness a not always easy to deal with partner. He insists on the military independence of France. He sets the course of the "Grand Nation" in nuclear and European policy for the rest of the century. This includes de Gaulle purposefully promoting reconciliation with Germany.

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