July 18th 1924 - Establishment of the Red Front Fighters League


July 18th 1924: The Red Front Fighters League is established in Thuringia as a paramilitary security force of the Communist Party. It was the answer to the escalating radicalization of political life in Germany after 1918 which not only prompted right-wing parties to arm themselves but also led the Social Democrats to create a separate task force. The Red Front Fighters' League saw itself in the tradition of the Red Soldier Unit which was involved in the Spartacus uprising of 1919. As a "united front from below" it was to protect demonstrating workers from attacks of right-wing agitators but also from the state power itself which in the eyes of the Communist Party was guilty for betraying the proletariat. As a result of the so-called “Blood May” the Red Front Fighters' League was banned in 1929 by the Prussian Minister of the Interior.

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