October 8th, 1992 - Willy Brandt dies


On October 8th 1992 Willy Brandt dies. His political dream, the reunification of Germany, came true during his lifetime. He had fought for it since 1957, when he became mayor of Berlin. But first he had to witness how the wall divided the city. Pragmatically Brandt looked for solutions to make the wall more open. Humanitarian considerations were always more important to him than questions of national status. The mayor was able to negotiate a first passage- agreement with the GDR in December of 1963 t. It initially allowed West Berliners for a short time to visit relatives in East Berlin, until early January 1964. Later, East German seniors were allowed to visit relatives in West Germany. The passage regulations, which were made possible with the approval of the Federal Government, became the starting point for a new East/West policy between the divided nations, which Brandts confidant Egon Bahr described as "change through rapprochement". Based on this formula Brandt as German Chancellor with the help of his Socialist-Liberal coalition sought new ground in the politics towards the East (or “Ostpolitik”) after 1969. He takes steps toward the Soviet Union concluded new agreements builds trust between East and West. Brandt's policy opens the iron curtain a little. Even in domestic policy Brandt breaks new ground. Within his party the SPD in 1959 he fights for the Godesberg program. He transforms the old Labor Party into a modern programmatic People's Party. As their chancellor-candidate Brandt enters the race against Konrad Adenauer in 1961 and against Ludwig Erhard in 1965. He loses both elections and his career in federal politics seems over. O-Ton Brandt (No Texts were given – no translation?) But a year later Willy Brandt is foreign minister and vice chancellor under the grand coalition. The coalition between the SPD and the CDU leads to some protests from the Social Democratic base but Brandt is sticking to his course of the People's Party and leads the SPD from 1969 on in its Socialist-Liberal coalition towards even greater political responsibility. As chancellor he wants to "dare more democracy" but the "Radicals Decree" which is to keep particularly left wing teachers away from government service also falls under his term. In 1974 Brandt's staff member Günter Guillaume is exposed as an East German spy. Brandt resigns but remains chairman of the SPD party until 1987.

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