March 26th 1923 - Sarah Bernhardt dies


On March 26th 1923 Sarah Bernhardt dies. The career of the actress begins in Paris in 1862. She makes her debut at the plays of the Comedie-Francaise, and then performs at various Parisian theaters. 1872 she was again engaged at the Comédie-Française. She performs in the classics and in the romantic dramas of Victor Hugo and quickly establishes a reputation as the "Divine Sarah". From 1879 on, Bernhardt, who pursues an unconventional lifestyle, performs in many cities around the world. 1906, now 62 years of age, she performs, amongst other places, in Berlin. During the 1st World War, she performs for the French front-line troops. Even after her leg is amputated in 1922 at age 78, she still continues to grace the stage until she passes away in Paris. Sarah Bernhardt is deemed to be the best stage actress of her time and is considered to have been the first international star.

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