October 19th 1945 - Declaration of Guilt in Stuttgart


On October 18th and 19th of 1945 ecumenical representatives meet in war-torn Stuttgart. They asses the Churchs involvement in the terror regime of National Socialism and pass the so-called "Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt” on October 19th in which it states amongst other things: With great sorrow we say: Through us infinite wrong was brought over many peoples and countries. That which we often testified to in our communities we express now in the name of the whole church: We did fight for long years in the name of Jesus Christ against the mentality that found its awful expression in the National Socialist regime of violence but we accuse ourselves for not standing to our beliefs more courageously for not having prayed more faithfully for not believing more joyously and for not loving more ardently. Now a new beginning is to be made in our churches. Based on the Holy Scripture with complete seriousness directed to the lord of the church they start to cleanse themselves of the influences of beliefs foreign to the faith and to reorganize themselves. The worldwide ecumenical movement receives the declaration of guilt positively. In Germany it triggers an intense public debate about the churches having politically recognized a collective German guilt for time of the Nazi regime.

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