November 9th 1923 - Beer Hall Putsch


After 1919, Munich had become a hotbed for radical right-wing forces. In Bavaria, the state government increasingly defied the political orders of the Berlin Government. The insignificant Nazi party under Hitler was being courted by conservative nationalistic circles. In the fall of 1923 the conflict between the national government and the Bavarian state government came to a head. Hitler, together with former General Erich Ludendorff, planned to overthrow the imperial government by marching on Berlin, following Mussolinis example. On November 8th 1923 shortly before the fourth anniversary of the November Revolution Hitler stormed a meeting at the Bürgerbräukeller with armed men. He fired a shot in the air and declared the democratic government in Berlin as ousted. The Nazis marched to the Feldherrnhalle and occupied the government buildings. Hitler's followers among them already the person who later was mainly responsible for the Holocaust Heinrich Himmler already believed that they were in power. But several hundred Bavarian police officers brought the coup attempt of November 9th at the Feldherrnhalle to an end. 15 rebels a bystander and 4 policemen died. Hitler was later arrested. Throughout the entire rule of the Nazi regime every ninth of November the Nazis killed during the 1923 Hitler Putsch were remembered in a pompous funeral ceremony.

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