August 24th 1961 - First casualties at the Berlin Wall


Since August 13th 1961 the barriers of the inner-German border and around West Berlin were being expanded with concrete, barbed wire, mines and self-firing devices, to make it a more sophisticated and deadly system. The “shoot to kill” order had been given. On August 24th 1961 the first refugee was shot at the wall. In the following months of 1961, 32 people were killed - they were shot or they drowned trying to escape. Until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 an estimated 1,200 people lost their lives trying to escape the inner-German border, 136 of which died at the Berlin Wall. By the end of 1961 at least 1,500 people a month were arrested for "attempted escape from the Republic." For the time to come many who had dared to escape were sentenced to long prison terms. With satisfaction the party leadership took notice of the stabilization of the situation after the Wall was built. The wall was the visible embodiment of Churchills term: the "Iron Curtain". It stood until 1989. '

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