February 22nd 1943 - Execution of Hans and Sophie Scholl


In 1942 The Munich students Hans and Sophie Scholl, Christoph Probst, Willi Graf and Alexander Schmorell form the resistance group "White Rose". The Christian and humanistic ideals of their families had greatly influenced them. The male members had, as soldiers witnessed mass executions of Jews and of Soviet civilians. They also recognized that the war was going to be lost. In a number of leaflets they had called for resistance against the Nazi regime. They also wrote on building walls, "Down with Hitler" and "freedom." The Gestapo had long searched for the perpetrators without result. After the defeat at Stalingrad the members of the "White Rose" again distributed a leaflet, which spoke out against the war policies of the Third Reich. As they were passing out the leaflet at the University of Munich, the Scholls were observed and then arrested on February 18th 1943. The other members of the "White Rose" were arrested in the aftermath. On February 22nd 1943 the Scholl siblings and Christoph Probst were presented before the Peoples Court under Roland Freisler and sentenced to death by guillotine. The sentence was carried out on the same day at the Munich prison Stadelheim. '

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