December 3rd 1896 - Carlo Schmid is born


On December 3rd 1896 Carlo Schmid is born. In 1933 the Nazis exclude the Doctor of Law and Lecturer of International Law at the University of Tübingen, from all appointments and promotions. After 1945, Schmidt becomes Professor of Public Law in Tübingen. He works for the SPD in the Parliamentary Council. Schmidt was instrumental in the drafting of the Basic Law of Germany. During the 1950 he commits himself against the German re-armament. As Vice President of the German Parliament, he accompanies Konrad Adenauer and others on his trips to Moscow and there stand up for the reconciliation with the East. Schmidts approach is picked up by Willy Brandt only a little while later in his redefinition of German politics and of the politics towards the East.. Schmid also works within the SPD with the later party chairman Willy Brandt. O-Ton Schmidt Schmid supports the Godesberg Program in 1959 and is committed to the transformation of the SPD from a traditional labor party into a modern national party. '

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