July 7th 1909 - Bethmann-Hollweg becomes German Chancellor


Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg was an exceptional human being, due to his sheer body size alone. He had a long career as an administrative lawyer already behind him when he was appointed Reich Chancellor by Kaiser Wilhelm in 1909. He had ascended relatively fast from district administrator to district president as well as Prussian and finally to German interior minister. Bethmann-Hollweg represented liberal and progressive views and also tried to implement them. He remained a stranger to party policy. He tried to establish an equidistance to all the factions and to be impartial. For this, he was criticized from all directions. Still, he tried to reform the Empire for example, by focusing on the unfair electoral law amongst other things. His most important era began with the German declaration of war in 1914. Although he was for the war, he remained skeptical that a German victory would be possible. From 1916 on he advocated peace. The High Command under Hindenburg and Ludendorff deprived him of power, which led to his dismissal in 1917.

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