December 17th 1971 - Transit agreement BRD-GDR


On December 17th 1971, Secretaries of State, Egon Bahr for the Federal Republic and Michael Kohl for the GDR, signed the German Transit Agreement. It was the first German to German agreement at the government level. Travel and trade between the Federal Republic and West Berlin was to be regulated through the transit agreement. The agreement stipulated that future transit between West Germany and West Berlin was to be conducted without obstructions and in the "simplest, quickest and cheapest way”. Common guidelines for the execution of transport, border controls of the GDR and the usage fees on transit routes had been agreed on. The GDR decided to largely waive their sovereignty rights on transit routes, including conducting arrests. Exceptions were only possible in the case of traffic accidents and the like. The arrest of wanted persons by the police was not permitted.

Länge: 00:01:11 | O-Ton: nein | Farbe: ja | Jahr: 1971 | Clip-ID: JHT000298E


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