December 7th 1941 - Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor


December 7th 1941, a Sunday: Far off the coast of Hawaii a Japanese naval unit which includes six aircraft carriers moves at very slow speed. The soldiers and officers on the ships as well as the pilots of 435 air-crafts are preparing themselves for an operation that will bring about a decisive turn in the 2nd World War: The Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor begins at six o’clock in the morning. At 7:51 am the first wave of attacks completely surprises the U.S. Pacific-fleet. The ships are at anchor in port and largely unprotected. The approaching Japanese warplanes had been assumed to be a few B17- bombers by U.S. radar. There is hardly any defense against the attack. The anti-aircraft guns are at the depots and are not operational. Hardly anyone had expected this surprise attack. It came without a preceding declaration of war of the Japanese. On that day the U.S. Pacific fleet lost more than 2,400 men. A large part of the battleships and aircraft carriers are destroyed. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese army has the absolute superiority of the Pacific for several months.

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