November 19th, 1900 – Anna Seghers is born


On November 19th, 1900 Anna Seghers is born as Netty Reiling. In 1927 the graduate art historian publishes the story "Grubetsch" under the alias ‘Seghers’. Since the author was presumed to be a man, the writer henceforth began to publish her work under the name Anna Seghers. Being a communist, Seghers first fled to Prague from the Gestapo after the Nazis took power, and was finally able to go into exile in Mexico via various locations. Seghers, now working underground, attains world fame status during the war with her novel "The Seventh Cross". After the war, Seghers returns to Germany, becoming a member of the SED party and, as a convinced communist, she is actively involved in building the German Democratic Republic. She quickly belongs to the GDR (East German) cultural establishment, while receiving many honors. She is a co-founder and from1952-1978 was the acting chairman of the East German Writers Association. '

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