November 20th, 1945 – Nuremberg, Major War Criminals Trial begins'


With these words chief prosecutor Robert Jackson opens the Nuremberg Major War Criminal’s trial on November 20th, 1945 in Germany. Led jointly by the United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union against the leaders of the former Nazi power elite of politics and business, who survived the final phase of the war and did not shirk responsibility by committing suicide. The trial of Nuremberg remains to this day an unparalleled historical and legal experiment: At the end of World War II it is for the victors not to take revenge, but to analyze the topography of terror first in the context of a constitutional process with the help of witnesses, film documents and diagrams. Through this analysis, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis can then be evaluated and judged accordingly.

Länge: 00:01:21 | O-Ton: nein | Farbe: s/w | Jahr: 1945 | Clip-ID: JHT000311E


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