December 23rd, 1918 – Helmut Schmidt is born


On December 23rd, 1918 Helmut Schmidt is born. By 1962 the German Social Democrat is Hamburg’s minister of the interior, and during the flood disaster, through his prudent and prompt actions, he acquires a reputation as a pragmatic crisis manager. In the social-liberal coalition of 1969 on the side of Willy Brandt, he was first elected minister of defense, later minister of economics and finance, and following Brandt’s resignation in 1974, he was elected as the 5th chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. He continues the policy of détente with East Germany and Eastern Europe and confirmed his reputation in domestic politics as a crisis manager. In his pursuit of terrorists of the “Red Army Faction”, which plunged the country into a national crisis through a wave of violence, he acts relentlessly. After his resignation as chancellor in 1982, Helmut Schmidt is ever present as a journalist and author in the political discourse of Germany and the world alike.

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