August 10th, 1920 - End of the Ottoman Empire


August 10th, 1920: With the signing of the Peace Treaty of Sèvres, between the victorious powers of World War II and Sultan Mehmed VI., the once powerful Ottoman Empire lost most of its territory. Eastern Thrace and parts of the Aegean coast were awarded to Greece. Italy and France should also obtain territorial gains and Istanbul and the Dardanelles were to be from then on under international administration. The Treaty of Sèvres provoked violent protests among the Turkish population. Under the leadership of the National Assembly Mustafa Kemal was appointed as commander. He managed to recapture a part of the territories and revise the conditions laid down in Sèvres. The treaty of Lausanne was signed in July 1923 and it recognized the sovereignty of Turkey in its current borders. Three months later, the Turkish Republic was proclaimed along with Mustafa Kemal as its first president.

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