August 27th, 1937 - Japanese conduct air attack on Nanking


August 27th, 1937: Japans air force conducts a major attack on the Chinese capital of Nanking. The attack which killed about 500 people was only a harbinger of things to come. While the central government under Chiang Kai-Shek decided on the general mobilization and was also able to win over Mao Communists for military actions against Japan Japanese troops first occupied Shanghai to eventually make their main assault on Nanking. The capture of the city on December 13th 1937 had devastating consequences. An estimated 300000 Chinese including many women and children were victims of the atrocities committed by the invaders. The incident did not go unnoticed internationally. In particular the relationship between Japan and the United States deteriorated rapidly and resulted in Washington's trade embargo against the island nation.

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